Walderton lies in the Ems valley, where the tributary from East Marden and Stoughton converges with the Compton tributary.  The Ems usually starts to flow around Christmas time and will dry up by the end of May.

The underlying geology is chalk and flint – and even some of the more modern houses contain some flint.  Walderton is surrounded by agricultural land, mostly arable, with woodland on the Down.  Some woodland is privately owned but a large area is Forestry Commission land.

There are some 70 residences in Walderton, mostly in Cooks Lane and Breakneck Lane.  The oldest house was moved to The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum some years ago.  Many of the older houses and converted barns or farm buildings are largely made of flint.

The Village School closed in the first half of the 20th Century and is now a residence.  There is no church, but a Non-Conformist Chapel which was also closed in the 20th Century and was converted to residential use.  At one time there was a Post Office and shop, but these were closed some time ago.

The Bus Route between Chichester and Petersfield goes through Walderton with several journeys in each direction every day.

Portsmouth Water have a Pumping Station in Walderton.

Last but by no means least, Walderton has a delightful pub, The Barley Mow.

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