Ofsted Inspection Results for Compton School Released

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Downland Village Schools Federation
Compton & Up Marden C of E Primary
Rake C of E Primary
Rogate C of E Primary


You probably know that Ofsted did a full inspection of Compton at the end of September and, now that we have the formal report, already sent to Compton parents, we felt you should all see it.

We are, of course, disappointed that Compton was not rated ‘good’ like our other two schools, so it will remain in ‘Requires improvement’ until Ofsted comes back – which may not be for another two years. That’s a blow, particularly for our leadership team and staff, who worked so hard to improve the school as quickly as possible, and for the Compton parents who supported the school through its difficult period and then (strongly) during the Ofsted visit.

As you will see from the report, the inspector rated the school as ‘good’ in every area except “Quality of education”, and she recognised the improvement that has already taken place there, too – just one term after it joined DVSF. She made it clear to the governors that she was very impressed with what has already been done, but that we need more time to finish what we’ve started and produce the level of evidence that Ofsted requires. The report particularly singles out the impact of the new headteacher and SENDco but it is clear that there were improvements across the board, reflecting the efforts of a newly energised staff, with the support of those at both Rake and Rogate.

From what I’ve seen, I think Compton could easily have gone down to a rating of ‘Inadequate’ if its governors had not made the decision to join our federation, but we all feel that the governors and staff we have taken on as a result are a real asset to us. This underlines again one of the key benefits of our federation: top class leadership.

David Bertwistle has now saved three schools which were all on the brink of closure and turned them round remarkably quickly. By putting the three schools together, we now have three experienced senior leaders working together to steer a much more stable ship, and support its increasingly unified crew. David, Steph and Paul cannot be in all three schools all the time but they talk to each other every day and I know from our (frequent) meetings with them that they are all dedicated to the continuous improvement of all three schools.

We have only just started to reap the benefits of federation, and there is plenty more to come, but I hope this Ofsted report will reassure you that your children, no matter which of our schools they’re at, are getting the best we can offer them – and that our best will go on improving!

Yours sincerely,

Neil Ryder
Chair of governors

Author: Rachel

The Octagon Parish administrator