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Order of St Richard Awarded to David Tinsley

By October 5, 2021No Comments

David Tinsley, ex Treasurer of The Octagon Parish has been awarded The Order of St Richard, a new annual award for lay people which recognises and celebrates exceptional contributions to the parish, its congregations and local community, and the Diocese of Chichester.

David and his wife Joyce moved to West Sussex in1998 and settled in Lordington, becoming regular worshipers at Racton Church.  David was Racton Treasurer and Deanery Treasurer for ten years before being appointed treasurer with responsibility for merging the finances of the five former parishes which came together as the Octagon Parish, serving for nine years before ill-health caused him to resign.  He organised Racton Fete for eighteen years, raising sufficient income each time to finance the church for the two years between Fetes. David was an excellent organist, playing across the parish as well as learning to play the harmonium in his 70’s so that he could play at Racton. He also helped tirelessly in the local community, whether it be assisting individuals with computer issues, setting up the first Octagon website with Edward Mynors and being instrumental in the creation of The Octagon Way.

David and his wife Joyce moved to Tunbridge Wells in 2021 to be closer to their family.

Author: Rachel

The Octagon Parish administrator