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The Octagon Parish

The Churches of the Octagon

The map below shows the extent of the parish and the approximate positions of our eight churches.

For more information about each church, including a more detailed map, please click on the links in the list below.

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                         Map from the Church Near You website, using data from Google Maps

Our Churches and the Octagon Cycle of Prayer


Each Sunday we pray for one of the churches in the Octagon. The cycle repeats every two months, starting on the first Sunday in January, and the churches are remembered in the following order: 

1. 1st Sunday of month 1

St Mary Stoughton

2. 2nd Sunday of month 1

St Peter Racton

3. 3rd Sunday of month 1

Christ Church Forestside

4. 4th Sunday of month 1

St Paul Stansted

5. 1st Sunday of month 2

St Mary North Marden

6. 2nd Sunday of month 2

St Peter East Marden

7. 3rd Sunday of month 2

St Mary Compton

8. 4th Sunday of month 2

St Michael Up Marden


When there are five Sundays in any month, we pray for the whole Octagon on the fifth Sunday

There are NO toilets or running water in any of the churches

To visit all our churches in a day, click here
for details of the Octagon Way.


Click here to see a map of the old parishes
that made up the Octagon

Note: The scattering of ashes in any of our churchyards is NOT permitted. 

Please contact us if you would like to arrange for the burial of ashes. 

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